Helping employees make the best decision during open enrollment

Open enrollment: A period of intense activity, long days and nights, “in the bunker” with plan sponsors making sure that employees enroll in the right choices, that make the most sense to them, based on their personal situation.

Nothing new to seasoned professionals who know to expect this, every year – year-in and year-out, while applying lessons learnt during the prior year to improve processes during the current year, while taking into account plan changes that invariably happen each year – due to all kinds of reasons, financial, organizational, regulatory changes, to name a few.

Communicating these changes in the most cost-effective way becomes very important.

How does one do that effectively? This article posted on the SHRM website contains helpful pointers, as well as a survey conducted by Unum, a link to which also appears on that page.

How would you, as a service provider, help your client effectively communicate the plan requirements and changes to secure the best possible outcome for their plan participants?

As a plan sponsor, what are the critical pieces of benefits that you want communicated to employees besides those stated below?

Alternatively, as a plan participant, what elements would you want emphasized in the communication besides costs, plan changes, benefits, and personal financial implications to help you make the best possible decision?