When and where you would retire?

Taking a slightly different approach than we have in recent posts, this article is about timing and location preferences for retirement.

Some key observations from the PulteGroup survey that prompt thinking about these decisions.

The fact that 62% people (an increase of 20% from two years ago) would stay in the same state could be indicative of need / desire to stay close to family, and satisfaction with the current lifestyle.

Coupled with financial readiness indicated by other findings reported in the study, such as: 32% retiring in less than five years, 27% being financially ready by then, 10% retiring at an age younger than anticipated, 49% whose retirement age being the same as before, shows the benefits of early planning, that allows retiring when desired.

Have you thought about when you would retire, and the location of your retirement? Are you doing your homework that will help you make these two decisions?

Feel free to share your thoughts and additional ideas with our readers.