Working with professionals to plan for retirement

According to this article by Financial Planning, per a survey conducted by LIMRA, working with advisors has a positive impact on retirement readiness.

The statistics are noteworthy enough for anyone on the fence on the value add of professional management, and whether to consider working with one.

Per the survey, 71% people working with advisors are confident that they are saving enough for retirement vs. 43% not working with professionals.

In addition to inertia, one of the challenges that many people deal with in making a decision on whether or not to work with an investment professional is the cost of working with one, and whether the cost is appropriate to the value add.

Another challenge is the time horizon to reach retirement. The closer the date, the higher the pressure to close the gap between the desired and projected retirement income. And working with an advisor to address that gap has its own pros and cons.

Would you work with an advisor? Why?

What would be some of the decision making hurdles you might encounter, and how would you overcome those if you wanted to work with a professional?