Selecting Fixed Income Fund options for retirement savings plans

Investment fund line up in the DC plan. To meet the fiduciary standards the due diligence required in selecting the right asset classes and individual funds is nothing less than rigorous. And even more so in this highly volatile economic environment.

And how does a plan sponsor determine an appropriate fund line up to provide all the appropriate asset classes that participants are looking for – to address the retirement readiness predicament?

While these questions are not the subject matter of the research findings published by Prudential, it addresses a specific asset class that seems to be getting a lot of attention in this very uncertain economic environment – fixed income alternatives.

As a plan sponsor, working with your investment consultant and other oversight committees, who grapple with determining the most appropriate fund line up for your plan participants, what would make you sway one way or the other, in whether your savings plan should include fixed income funds, similar in profile to those presented in this research paper?

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