Is it enough to stay the course or do we need to do anything different?

Commitment to retirement planning. In an especially difficult economic environment, not easily accomplished.

However, as everyone who has been on the other side knows, it is really that single most steadfast approach that helps in the long run, and not reacting to the noise that distracts one’s focus.

The press release on ICI‘s web site contains key findings, and the report contains detailed statistical information on the steady course of action by DC participants during the quarter ended March 31, 2012.

As a plan sponsor, does your plan mirror these stats? Are people in your plan doing anything to hurt themselves financially? Do you need to consider any re-education? Do you know what the messaging needs to be? With open enrollment season coming up, how would you address the timing question? Would you include any of the savings plan material with the open enrollment material? Would you include any decision support tools to help users decide how they should plan for their retirement?

As an employee or participant, how would you react to these questions?

Have your own findings or thoughts to share? Now might be the time to share those. Let’s hear them.