Does reinvention have to wait until retirement?

Reinvention. A truly rejuvenating word. Makes you think of a new direction. Something to work towards and look forward to.

Among other topics, this recent press release by Wells Fargo addresses reinvention in the context of continuing work during retirement.

With the recent industry attention on lack of retirement readiness, this is perhaps the one thing that everyone – retirees, pre-retirees, mid-career employees can give some serious thought to, and begin planning towards.

Assuming that you have thought through the financial aspect of retirement, and have a fairly good sense of how you will fund the needs and wants, the next aspect of retirement will be the non-financial, and deciding the things and activities that you have always dreamt of doing but have just never had the time to do – a sort of reinvention – for and of yourself.

And the best part about it is that there is no right answer. It can be whatever you choose to do that drives internal satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment beyond the daily expectations of life.

We have all thought about those things and have our own favorites. And if not, now might be as good a time as any to give that some thought and reflect upon.

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