Assuming that we can work longer to make up for lost time can be risky

Working longer. Hm. Really? You really want to do that. To make up for lost time.

How many people do we know who would want to do so? Especially if they can afford not to? Unfortunately, this is not the real challenge.

The real challenge is when you have no choice – due to many reasons; when health does not permit an active, working life, or when there is no easy way to transfer the skill set built up over the years that can be utilized productively to a new job.

What happens then? And how do you cope with a scenario that prevents you from putting anything away for the golden years close to when you want to enjoy the fruits of the working years?

This is one of the topics addressed in Ms. Eleanor Laise’s article on Kiplinger.

And the realization hits when it is too late. Which is why it is never too late nor too early to plan for retirement, and allocate time and effort to give retirement planning its due attention when you have time on your side to make it work for you, instead of against you. Are you ready to do so?

With so many resources readily available on the Web, is it not time you began in earnest?