How can we promote the need for retirement readiness with a well thought out communication strategy

Communication. Think about how it impacts our decision making in everything.

With so much information coming at us on a daily basis, via all our “stay connected” devices, for work, non-work, and everything else in between, it becomes even more important to be very specific in communicating all the aspects of retirement readiness, including timing and components that should be included in the planning and execution of the plan.

Reaching the appropriate audience at the right time for the individual, using the right medium, and including the most applicable messages, in a cost effective manner, when the messaging will induce the action necessary to achieve the ideal outcome for the person, is a very real and ongoing challenge for plan sponsors.

This PlanSponsor article refers to many of the aspects mentioned above that have to be considered as part of the retirement readiness communication strategy.

As you read through this, give some thought to what would you as an employee or as a plan sponsor like to see included or not, when should the communication exercise be performed, how frequently, and who should be in the targeted audience, and why.

The next time you have a receptive ear, feel free to share those thoughts where it matters, such that the next time a communication strategy is discussed, these ideas will be included.

Something to think about, and share.