A golden opportunity from every perspective. Do we have the courage to make it happen?

Golden opportunities. Ever think of how many different connotations this term can mean?

That is precisely what went through my mind as I read the article on MSNBC.

With the massive baby boomer cohort of close to 80 million people that will be looking forward to their golden years, a time when they are no longer working as actively as they used to in their younger years, there is a true golden opportunity for the US to think creatively and tap into this vast resource pool in a way in which only the US can, to capitalize into, and set an example for the world and be a leader once again in coming up with a win-win solution for every stakeholder – the people (employment), organizations (production), the Government (taxes), future generations (tapping into the experience), and most importantly truly caring for the generation that built our country into the envy of the world.

Could there possibly be a movement like this afoot? Just imagine the global economic ramifications of something like this. The possibilities are endless.

The real question is – do we have the courage to dream this reality, and really make it so?

Something to think about, and share.