Implementation at a macro or individual level – that is what it will take to make a meaningful impact

A path forward. Progress. Maintain what works, and improve where necessary. Makes other changes as needed.

This is essentially the message in this introduction and report issued by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce.

Through plenty of material on our blog, it should be no surprise that the word “retirement” conjures up images of financial concern, where it should be exactly the opposite – we should visualize a time of taking it easy, and doing things for ourselves and the society in general.

The three general topics that the report categorizes its recommendations in are very relevant, appropriate, and hit their mark.

How would you as a reader implement these ideas – whether for yourself, your loved ones, other people who you can make an impact on? How would you educate people you can influence to consider these ideas, reflect upon them, and shake the inertia and venture into this zone before they are forced to by circumstances?

Something to think about, and share.