What will you do to make a difference in the long run?

Today’s retirement landscape. When we step back and look at it, we understand the importance and need for as much attention it is currently getting – from a wide group of stakeholders, including the policy makers.

The attached report published by the ICI provides a very different perspective on the current landscape; one from different vantage points and how each affects the other.

Accepting a reality that a significant portion of the population struggling to make ends meet that cannot afford to save for retirement, companies have to provide adequate pension / retirement coverage despite competitive pressures from other parts of the world that do not offer such benefits, being in the employee’s or employer’s shoes, now is the time to get your voice heard at an appropriate time, during the upcoming decision making time in November to make the choices that you know will make a difference to you and others in the long run.

Something to think about, and act on.