National Save for Retirement Week – An opportunity to step back, review, plan, and act

Proactive planning. Something most people know is needed, but are either not able to do, or cannot do – because of a multitude of reasons, some within, and many outside our control.

This is what I thought of when I reviewed this article on PlanSponsor that analyzes a Wells Fargo annual survey on retirement readiness.

Despite knowing the challenges that we may face during retirement, the day-to-day financial challenges take front stage attention.

With the plethora of online tools, calculators, and help from so many service providers, our employers, and well wishers, there is no shortage of where we can get help to begin, maintain this process, as well as measure progress towards our retirement confidence goals.

The most important thing though is the motivation to start, and maintain the process – as with anything we resolve to do.

Given this, what will you do differently during this “National Save for Retirement Week” as a starting step, or perhaps to maintain your progress, towards a better retirement future?

Something to think about, and act on.