Did this week make a difference?

With the end of the National Save for Retirement Week (tomorrow is the last day), time to step back, reflect, and ask how this week has made a difference to us.

Are we at the start of something new, end of something old, or neither one of those – as it relates to our topic of interest – planning for retirement.

One of our challenges in starting is inertia. Not doing anything is convenient. But can prove to be dangerous in the long run – financially.

There is no shortage of resources to help us get started. The challenge is really knowing “where” to start. To that end, the Department of Labor’s web site has some great pointers, and this interactive calculator that help pave the way, and once begun, it becomes easier to maintain progress.

As with anything, maintaining this as a habit is key. How will you incorporate this in your ongoing routine?

Something to think about, and act on.