If “work” is the new “retirement”, how do we prepare for this eventuality?

“Work” “Retirement”. Up to now, these two words have been thought of as being mutually exclusive. However, in the new world we live in, this reality is gradually changing. Work might as well be the new retirement.

What are the long term implications of this new reality? Not just for the society as a whole, but also for employers and employees, as well as for the providers that offer a vast array of services to people who are employed (full- or part-time) or not.

Here are two different views on what this reality might mean, from an employer standpoint as well as from an income-source standpoint. While beneficial for the aging population to continue staying employed, not just from an income and social standpoint, employers will need to ensure to pay a very different kind of attention to this section of their work force.

How would you as an employee prepare yourself for this reality, and how would you as an employer take appropriate steps to be ready for this reality?

Something to think about, and prepare for.