A holistic approach to financial independence during retirement

Financial independence during retirement. Try to visualize what this means to you. Now, as an employer, think about how your employees visualize financial independence during retirement. Do you see any differences?

How we address these differences, either as an employee, or as an employer, is where we have the largest potential for a better outcome on a successful path to financial independence during retirement.

This article by PlanSponsor addresses how employers should approach financial wellness of their employees. It should not come as a surprise that employees see their financial lives precisely this way – holistically.

As you review this article give some thought to how you, as an employee, would consider every aspect of your financial life on your path to financial freedom during retirement.

This worksheet will help start the process, and some retirement calculators to review and determine the one that is most applicable to you, to help put things together.

As the year comes to a close, something to think about, plan, and act on.