The purpose of this blog is to report trends in the world of Benefits – with an initial focus on retirement planning, primarily through 401(k) savings plans, pension plans, and other related vehicles. You will find links to articles, surveys, and other similar information that will prompt thought provoking questions about retirement planning.

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1) Any copyrighted content is deep linked to the source of the information with full attribution to the original owner / web site. If any owner / organization desires the content to be removed, please indicate as such as a comment on that content, and it will be removed.

2) This blog is not affiliated, associated, or part of any organization mentioned in any post. This blog is not intended to provide any suggestions, recommendations, or offer to purchase or sell any products or services. Any action taken by you upon reading any of these posts or comments is at your own discretion and BenefitsTrends is not, and will not, be liable for any direct or indirect consequences, financial or otherwise, resulting from those actions.


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